Dancing troop collages

P1150690Dancing troop collages

Soul Thrust Dancing troop Collages. Made with coloured card and vintage papers and magazines. Some from iceland ,some from canada and some from my grannies attic.


Dining table design -making process


Paddy Morrison asked me to paint his bare pine dining table so ,we spent a Saturday afternoon transforming this piece whilst listening to 90s rave and Blink 182.I took some inspiration from Paddy’s steez. A keen footballer , always heavily branded in fine sporty wears , the table features 2 footballs , a pair of nike trainers ,a pair of wee goalie hands, some foliage , some greens, a fluorescent figure and some Mexican aztec symbology for empowering ┬áhealthy life cycles.All things to ponder and look at whilst sitting eating chicken or drinking a protein shake.
Below we documented the process: