Dining table design -making process


Paddy Morrison asked me to paint his bare pine dining table so ,we spent a Saturday afternoon transforming this piece whilst listening to 90s rave and Blink 182.I took some inspiration from Paddy’s steez. A keen footballer , always heavily branded in fine sporty wears , the table features 2 footballs , a pair of nike trainers ,a pair of wee goalie hands, some foliage , some greens, a fluorescent figure and some Mexican aztec symbology for empowering ┬áhealthy life cycles.All things to ponder and look at whilst sitting eating chicken or drinking a protein shake.
Below we documented the process:



sequins cocks and roses


I bought a fair few of these beeyoot sequins-ly made pieces in Mexico , featuring all sorts of interesting Mexican imagery, to make into necklaces, here are 2 I’ve made already , just need some more chain and i’ll start churning out the rest. All shall have a cock on their chest!ImageImage

Painting todo



Today I had a great day painting everything.I painted twigs , I painted little wooden tags for pendants , I painted wood veneer , I painted my new wallet. Happy productive times , may they continues manana.ImageImage