Senegalassie adventures

Have a look at our blog to hear about some of our Senegalese adventures on residency in Saint Louis;P1040061P1040046  P1040188 P1040196 P1040214 P1040219 P1040249 P1030754 P1030755 P1030756 P1030759 P1030766 P1030767 KS_THANKS 2


Senegalassies Sibling project in Saint Louis , Senegal , West Africa


The Pester sisters are skipping off to Saint Louis, Senegal, West Africa in February 2015 to partake in a 6 week residency at Waaw Centre for Art and Design.

 During this time they will work together as artists for the first time (and hopefully not strangle each other) whilst also working collectively with local Senegalese children to explore ideas of siblinghood relating to play, memory, instinct, co-dependency and intuitive learning.

They want to unpeel the hard skin of their westernised selves and plunge into West Africa’s pool of raw, rhythmic and ritualistic tradition. They are enticed by the idea of “re-socialising” the body and mind through playful creative endeavour, engaging with the ancient forms and rhythms of the local people and the surrounding nature.

This project is all about the significance of play and learning how to play again, playing again as sisters, in sync, with the sweet gay abandon and selfless devotion of a child! They will reflect on their own art practices and use play as a tool to communicate, share and exchange ideas with the local people.

Many of the basic arts and crafts materials we want to use are not readily available in Saint Louis and we are asking you to help raise funds to cover the costs of buying a selection of these materials to gift to the local children’s groups we will be working with.This provision will allow the groups to create bright and bold artwork from shiney new materials they may never have seen or had the opportunity to use before and they can continue to make use of after the Senegalized Pester sisters fly back to Scotland.

The funds raised will cover the purchase,transportation and postal costs of art and craft materials, as well as facilitation costs of some fun filled workshops with local children. The funds will also go towards workshop training in Sabar dance, Djembe drumming, and textile printing with local Senegalese tutors throughout the project , HURRAH!

#FreshCreations #Youthartshub #Tasterworkshops continued



Dias de Los muertos-Days of the dead -sugar skull making with fondant icing and decorative icing pens +sequins -Mexican crafts workshop.


DIY printing workshop  with foamcard stamps and acrylic paint


Fruit and Vegetable prints ;


All part of the taster sessions run during the October week at YSort it base and Clydebank HUB as part of the development of the Youthartshub #Fresh Creations project.

#FreshCreations #YouthArtsHub launch

wpid-img_20141014_163315.jpgI’ve been working with the lovely gang at Y sort it launching #FreshCreations Youth arts hub this week with a variety of different taster workshops ,so far we’ve done tie dye ,jewellery upcycling and papercraft draft.Today they shall have tasters in DIY printing and Mexican crafts – sugar skulls .Photos to follow.



Many Hands Mural project with Maryhill Integration network.



Along with members of Maryhill Community centre ,with some concentrated consultations with the Oasis women’s group and garden club.I designed a mural encompassing a variety of different cultural symbols and references to represent the users of the centre and its services.With a little help from Bernie Reid and his epic stencil skills plus some kind and patient men and women from MIN groups ,building imagery and painting the walls ,we created this. Here are some pictures of the final mural in the community garden behind the community centre on Avenuepark street in its final form.