SIN EMBARGO article about my group exhibition at the 244 Gallery in Mexico City June 2016.

SIN EMBARGO  article about my group exhibition at the 244 Gallery in Mexico City  June 2016.


ALIVE WITH PLEASURE exhibtion @ Dysfunction gallery


Alive with pleasure – an exhibition @ Dysfunction gallery, Strathaven , Scotland

7th – 31st of October 2016.

Greer Pester is a Scottish visual artist and creative workshop facilitator who lives between Glasgow and Mexico City.She graduated from Edinburgh College Of Art in 2010 and has participated in residencies and exhibitions in Hungary, USA , Senegal and Mexico.

This body of work was developed during her most recent time in Mexico: October 2015 – August 2016, during which time she has been working with First Food Residency to develop a creative and educational outreach program focusing on ‘future’ and native foods from Mexico. Whilst carrying out research there around food culture, folklore and history, she found ties to motifs in her own artistic practice.

‘Alive with pleasure’ looks at the innate elements of life which make us feel most human. A colourful observation of the raw, fleshy and juicy areas of life that feed the soul.Through symbology around food, Greer examines sexuality, intimacy, fertility and taste.

She uses paper-cut designs and collage pinned on foam card and cork interlaced with hand painted visuals, tactile media and text to convey some grander musings on how we connect to our more essential human state.

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Arte flow in DF

Here are some paper cut 3D collages I have been working on whilst in DF.I am thoroughly enjoying paper as a 3D element ,the paper pieces are pinned to foamcard or cork backdrops to add multidimensional layers.The themes I am exploring tie into my first food outreach project ; themes of food , taste, aesthetics ,fertility ,sexuality ,intimacy and closer contact to those parts of life that make us feel more human and closer to nature.

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