Solo exhibition ‘ Positive Sweat’ @ Casa Equis , Santa Maria La Ribera , Mexico City , Mexico  , 6/06/19 – 11/06/19 :




‘Mermelada’ – Monkey Town, Escuela de la Paz, Escandon, México City, obras comestibles – ‘Humanos Prohibidos’




Internacional día de la mujer exposición colectiva @ dlonngiart, 14/03/2019, Condesa, México City, Mexico‘Paste Up ‘ international festival of collage, FraternidadUC 200 Av México, Hipódromo, México City.Food Art Week – ‘Sugar’ – ‘U Haus Exhibition’ with the Human residency foundation :Coyoacan, Mexico City, 23- 30th November 2018.


Fonda Huitzillin- 30th of November, Col del Valle, Art dinner and collaboration with chef Manuel Carrasco where he designed dishes inspired by four of my artworks as part of Food Art Week Mexico :The Flora the Fauna y La Lona , August 2018 ,Parque Chapultepec ,Mexico City , art picnic and playdate with interactive cut-out artworks made of ‘Lona’ hardy PVC plastic regularly used for food stalls and market shelters in Mexico City , participants were invited to feast ,play and interact with the artworks.


‘Myto Cuauhtemoc’ collaborative 2 nights of immersive performance in LLorar , San Rafael Mexico , Mexico City. June 2018.


‘D i s f r u t a’ // Galeria Codigo Tonal / /Oaxaca City , Mexico //10/03/18


A n i m a l U r b a n o // Exposicion Colectiva // Casa Viva // Colonia Del Valle Sur// CDMX Mexico //08/03/18


‘ Te verde’ Exposicion Colectiva //Santa Maria La Ribera // Mexico City // February 2nd 2018.


Cactus and Creatures @ The Koppel Project , Baker St , London , October 2017.


‘ Alive With Pleasure ‘ Strathaven , Scotland , October 2016.


‘ No hay salud sin contacto ‘ – Kalpoli Margarita // Santa Maria La Ribera // CDMX, Mexico


‘Gem Sa Bop ( trust yourself)’ – Cafe Pena // Glasgow// Scotland // September 2015


Guera Pester // Black Gallery // Alamos // CDMX // Mexico // February 2013


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