Mucho Caliente :teta lateral installation

As part of this pop up house warming event, taking the foreign idea of warming up a house in Mexico, I had the pleasure of working with a troop of cdmx artists to create various interactive environments in each room of the oldest building in Santa Maria La Ribera. For my installation I looked to take the idea of ‘la salón de estar /the room of being /living room’ into more poetic context and construct a soft sculpture paradise of soft play fuelled by ideas of the uterus and ovaries and the belly button moon of México. I made to arms for holding 2 egg matts one giabtTheside boob and one yellow perky bossom pillow, I also. Made an intervention with the sofa giving it human facial characteristics and nipples. Participants were invited to play and interact with the large soft sculptural pieces and make their own memory of the first bossom that fed them with balloons and nipples made from moldeable foamie paste. The space came with rules, interaction without shoes and participants must speak in an unknown language and play and interact with the props. The setting stripped back the space and dynamics to its very natural and human form. Other installations included Julie Jardels red hot room of dancing to heat the house an interactive map of where we’ve travelled from Marcos, Karaoke with Hellene Héctor in the bathroom, nest making with Navah stein, Adriana’s dream bounce mattress and Amados hidden house poetry. The event was curated by my dear friend Mía Pinheiro.

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