Edible art with Fonda huitzillin @Food Art Week México

As part of the week long program ( 23-31 of November 2019)of Food Art Week Mexico, exploring the light and dark themes of ‘sugar’. I was invited to collaborate with Fonda huitzillin which is a small Fonda specialising in Mexican fusion food located in del Valle run by Chef Manuel Carrasco, the idea was Manuel would make 4 dishes inspired by 4 of my artworks. I made 4 special pieces with visual explanations.

Below are some images from the event and descriptions of each piece and plate :

The first paper cut ‘Axila de abejas, armpit of bees’ is inspired by honey and the bees that make it , one day in Scotland I was stretching my arms and bee landed in my armpit , it could probably smell the sweet natural scents of my natural tropical breeze deodorant, no realising I brought my arms back down and it stung me.This artwork looks at the body’s natural state and how humans should be integrated and supporting a natural ecosystem.It would be a poetic world if we could eat the honey produced by the bees who visited by our armpit foliage. The first plate Manuel created for it was a flower salad with droplets of propolis, delicious armpit flavours.

This second paper cut ‘ – Las joyas en los pliegues de nuestra piel de la tierra–the jewels in the folds of our earth skin’ is overlapping bodies mimicking the landscape ,there is a mouth and several plants and fruits sprouting from the figures.A fruitful nopal laiden with prickly pears sprouting from a lower back ,a maguey bursting from the chest and a half dragonfruit mimicking the nipple of a third layer in the body earth

its peaks have eyes, its navels are lakes of the moon, like the old meaning of the word ‘Mexico’

this work highlights the humorous mimicry of nature and in fact we are all connected to the living environment around us ,it is us and in that we share responsibility in how to care for it.

Manuel created a special nopal cactus salad with goats cheese and mushrooms inspired by these earthly vegetables that grow in the crevices.

This piece ‘Fertile cosmos festin’ features two figures folding around one another ,the intimacy and vulnerability of natural states.The blue figure represents the cosmos a dark blue abyss of unknown with dead stars burning as monuments and the black figure is stretching up to embrace it.Her feminine organsare represented by 2 fried eggs and a mini tree brócoli bush ,protecting her vagina, the male sexual organ is represented by an aubergine.As is evident from many of the symbolism in my works the foods we eat often imitate parts of our body or our sexuality, nature has an open dialogue about these human needs and natural states ,these works look to highlight and encourage a dialogue that brings humans more towards an instinctive and natural essential human state that allows them to feel connection and responsibility to the living vibrant world they are part of.

Manuel’s plate took the flavours of this vision and made a special smoked vegetable mix, broccoli bushes and spiced aubergines, giving the sensory feeling and taste of the artwork.

And finally we made a pudding together of 4 hands the final piece was a pyramid made of amaranth and sugar honouring all things sweet and motherly. We made the pudding for this together a little sweet stack of amaranth with honey and chocolate fondant and tomatoes and strawberries.

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