Reflecting on 2018 : Summer workshop programs with Mexican Museums + little creative geniuses.



In Summer 2018 I delivered 2 summer programmes ; one with Centro de Las Artes Vives ; ‘El arte tambien se come’ – An ‘edible art’ English immersion summer school with the local children of Coyoacan , exploring art with edible forms whilst practicing English and revelling in the engaging states of play.




The second was a 2 Saturday Collage workshop program , taking inspiration from beautiful ornate context of  the ex convento space in Tepoztlan in the states Morelos. This was offered to the local children  living in the Tepoztlan area. After the earthquake in September 2017 , much of the convent collapsed and was badly damaged , our workshop took place in a temporary shelter in the beautiful gardens of the grounds and was kindly supported by  the Las Casas Bailaban fund which I was able to gather gracias to my dear friends in family in the UK . Funds help cover  equipment and materials costs.The children explored various forms of collage and paper cutting and even made 2 large plastic cut outs inspired by symbols of the town.They images included a giant maguey (Tepoz is famous for Pulque , an alcololic beverage made from fermented cactus  sap) , they also made a giant bowl of ‘Nieves’ the delicious flavoured ice you can buy on a hot day in Tepoz. Many thanks to Lucia for all her support and assistance with the project.

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