Vulnerability and the learning legacy of Scott Hutchison.

Feeling vulnerability deserves its appropriate pedestal and respect, in both women and in men. As humans it is essential we face our fragility, feeling understood and familiar with our vulnerabilities is another essential human need. We live in a world where we are endlessly encouraged to be fine or to ‘look at the positive’, I understand these takes have their part to play ,but I feel we really should be focusing more and investing time in the tools for processing the hard emotions of not feeling fine , negative emotions are what make us feel alive ,they trigger the depths of our humanity, they nurture the good feelings, elevating them with their contrasts.They are harsh and all absorbing ,but are another way your body and spirit is speaking to you, we should be listening. When all the darkness is absorbed by big open and sensitive souls and perspective is lost in the darkness. This is when this type of practice ,understanding and learning can comfort and save us. We are living in an age where mental health issues only seem to be getting worst. Some honesty and respect of our fragility as humans could really be key in tackling these growing issues.

News of the loss of Scott Hutchison  has only reinforced this for me. As a humble and humorous symbol of beautifully flawed humanity Scott wrote and sang the truths of the soft vulnerable underbelly of human existence , the awkward and trying times that humans struggle through in day to day life -universal truths that were rawly flung out through Scottish lungs in that charming crude fashion we pride ourselves in. I knew Scott through a period of my life where I was learning to love and learning all about the early twenties version of my flawed self. He always made me chuckle hard with his quick humour and charisma.His music gave me comfort and insight when nursing my own broken heart on long journeys after ending the relationship with my first love.This is a similar story for so many others , what a great musical gift he gave us to help us face our own vulnerabilities and heartache. And I still revisit his music now , when I am having a lull , yearning for human heat or attempting to process and overcome the lows of life and love. I saw his love , raw talent and presence inspire and lift some beautiful and talented humans close to my heart to a whole new level, helping them to find their own honest voice and potential.


To Scott a Stellar Scot. His personality and his music always takes me home and makes me swell with pride for all those funny , bold and deliciously honest traits that make us so wonderfully Scottish. He leaves a great legacy and learning.And I am so grateful for that. I hope he is at peace now. My thoughts and hearting goes out to all his loved ones and friends experiencing such a huge painful loss . And so we begin another journey exploring our fragility and vulnerability as humans and the complexed cycles of life.

“When it’s all gone, something carries on And it’s not morbid at all Just when natures had enough of you When my blood stops, someone else’s will not When my head rolls off, someone else’s will turn And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth..” 🌿 🍃 🍂 💕


Illustrations by Scott Hutchison. (Man of multiple talents)Ca8AEWQUcAABW6B127922_large649c1d8a6b561d45d43167f2f7a7f38eofrendaporScott.jpg

Tropical Ofrenda for Scott featuring various surreal friends , chips, ham ,pineapple +penguins with nipple hats. For the giggles on the otherside.

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