Glasgow City Arts piece on VIDA BOP

Glasgow City Arts piece on VIDA BOP

Born in Glasgow, Greer Pester is a visual and social artist who has worked extensively in various community projects both locally and worldwide. Following her graduation in 2010 from Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, she undertook a cultural exchange project in Mexico. During this time, Greer experienced the traditional Mexican holiday Dias de los muerto which enabled her to explore Mexican attitudes towards death. The Day of the Dead embraces and celebrates death with family members coming together to remember the passing of loved ones, a stark contrast to the taboo-like-attitude that surrounds death in a Britain. Since her trip to Mexico in 2012, Greer has travelled with her art to Senegal and most recently, St Louis. Collaborating with her sister and fellow artist, Ruby Pester, the duo worked in the artist residential space La maision WAAW on a project examining Play and Siblinghood.

On Friday 25th September, Greer will open a week-long exhibition at Peña. We decided to find out more about her practice and what Vida Bop will entail.


“My work examines and aestheticizes the accumulation of influence in the working process of an artist; taking a 21st century, romantic approach to aspects and contrasts of modern day society. I use recycled material, vintage papers and imagery, colour and patterns with intricate drawing and painting to create graphic landscapes enveloping a pastiche of historical trends and cultural roots.”


“In addition to my own work, I am also part a new collective called BOLT. The group unites Scottish artists and arts producers to explore and develop shared practices. It is a place for disciplines to converge and collide, resulting in an energized space for collaborative and engaging art experiences. BOLT aims to find ways of nurturing and connecting with others in the midst of a global, and often isolating society, with efforts to re-invigorate the innate traits that make us feel human and help us to relate to others.”


 “For my forthcoming exhibition, ‘Vida Bop’ -(‘Life’ (Spanish) ‘Head'(Wolof)), I will be showing a collection of smaller to larger works, made and inspired from my adventures in Mexico and Senegal. The pieces cover a broad and colourful spread of mediums: from screen printing to intricate polymer clay models, drawing, painting and collage. There will also be some of my hand-painted  art jewellery on display, which is an extension of the work I do under the name Archipelaglasgo.”

Screen shot 2015-09-22 at 22.00.30.png

All the works on display will be for sale with the money that is raised being regenerated into Greer’s next artistic adventure which will see her return to Oaxaca and Mexico City. Here, she intends to design a creative educational outreach package which will raise awareness around food sustainability with First Foods residency.  In 2016 she will continue her research around different socially engaged artistic practices in a variety of cultural contexts and will examine developing and established sites in other cities in the Americas. You can follow her adventures and discoveries on her tumblr –

Vida Bop opens on Friday the 25th Of September from 7- 9pm until Friday the 2nd of October in Peña.

For more information on Greer’s work visit her website –

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